Tawkify was created by E. Jean and Kenneth to get Kenneth a girlfriend. It worked.
Meet the Co-Founders

E. Jean Carroll writes the Ask E. Jean (link) column in Elle magazine. Incredibly it's the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing. She has six million readers. E. Jean was a writer for Saturday Night Live, a contributing editor to Esquire, Outside, and Playboy. Her TV show on MSNBC was called—what else?—Ask E. Jean. She founded, with her sister, Cande Carroll, the breakthrough dating site, GreatBoyfriends.com (where women recommend their ex-boyfriends to each other) and which has been profiled in The New York Times, Newsweek, Men's Health, etc., and seen on The Today Show, Oprah, CNN, etc.

After two glasses of wine, E. Jean estimates that with her experience, book, Mr. Right, Right Now, coaching site, Dating: E. Jean (link), and YouTube (link) Channel, she has helped more people find enticing mates than any advice columnist in history.

Kenneth Shaw was most recently the principal imagineer at One Kings Lane. He began his career at Microsoft, and moved on to become the bashful firebrand who created My Purity Test, one of the most popular Facebook apps of all time. He also created the Elle magazine Facebook App and Homeslyce.com. He graduated from Stanford in '07—he's a geek, a black belt in Hapkido, and possesses such a sunny disposition he makes a basket of puppies look depressed.

Our Matchmakers are Passionate
Meet the Matchmakers
Cynthia Rouf transforms stressful dating lives into lighthearted, fulfilling escapes that empower you to find stronger matches faster. With brainpower previously used for legal analysis, genetics research, and tech startup business development, this dating whiz is eager to collect your data points so she can test, scale, and optimize your love life. She pushes you to fail fast so you can love hard—and have a ball throughout the process.
Christina Han is eager to make you her object of study. She thinks you're fascinating, full stop, simply by virtue of being an individual outside herself. Her mission is to learn you as thoroughly as possible and find your complement. She believes that a happy individual's reality is constructed by and grounded in their relationships with others, and so finds comfort in forging those connections. Why, at opposite ends, wait on false kismet or struggle needlessly to find friendship and love? Finding your match shouldn't feel like an exercise in drudgery, and by the photoshop in her picture she swears to do all in her power to ensure it won't. It's her honor to be your assistant, confidant, and friend.
Valerie Presley is a matchmaking conundrum. She paints, writes, and loves fiction novels - but she bagged a degree in business and excelled at statistics and mathematics. Consider her a romantic at heart who's also all-business. Her mantra? Love wisely, people! At Tawkify, we like to say that "love doesn't have to be complicated," and Valerie likes to remind conflicted clients that there's no virtue in tolerating toxic behavior. She's all for romance, fun and heart-skipping passion, but she's also here to help you find a match who doesn't seem hell-bent on making romantic connection harder than it has to be. Valerie likes to guide her clients into that sweet spot at the center of all healthy relationships where patience, honesty and trust exist in perfect balance with laughter, mutual respect and attraction... and a whole bunch of fun.
Sierra Janette is a sorceress in the realm of love. A world traveler with a background in psychology and casting, Sierra has an extensive personal network and a knack for reading people. Her goal is to add a little magic to your life by connecting you with individuals who will appreciate you for the dazzling gem that you are. She enjoys getting to know her clients in all their delightful quirkiness so she can hunt down quality matches with just the right vibe. Dating should be an exciting adventure, and she's determined to help you roll into yours with a confident spirit and an open mind. Not only does she provide great dating advice and honest feedback, but she will also push you to take risks and have fun!
Nneya Richards is a Jane-of-All-Trades. With a background in fashion and travel and being a multi-passport-holding global citizen, Nneya currently runs Double N Rich Creative Consulting agency. Her passion for cultural explorations led Nneya to launch the blog "'N A Perfect World," a curated intersection of travel, food, fashion, and geopolitics inspired by the global citizen lifestyle of the millennial. An avid lover of love, Nneya believes romance can be found from coffee on a stoop in Brooklyn to martinis in a jazz bar in Paris. She is a strong believer in the dating experience and looks forward to sharing her own personal joie de vivre with you.
Amy De Souza discovers the characters in people. As a casting director for over fifteen years, she has perfected the art of screening and matching people. Her greatest role: being a connector for different types of people professionally, socially, and romantically. Amy is outgoing, inquisitive, a good listener, and excellent at getting down to the heart of things. Consider Amy a valuable asset to the production that is your love life.
Marina Brenner believes that finding your ideal match should be a thrilling and seamless experience involving a little dash of magic. Her empathic nature and tender soul allows her to approach matchmaking with a mixture of compassion, intuition, loyalty, and humor. Marina comes to matchmaking via a career in sales, marketing, and social media and a personal understanding of the varied life permutations of mid-career individuals — kids, exes, and all the extra flavor they add to our lives. A native Californian and beach girl, endless summers inspired her to dream big and live happy. She's excited and ready to inspire you to find happiness in love.
Alexis Sonder is a hopeless romantic who loves her fair share of chick flicks. In fact, once upon a time, she called Paris - the City of Love - her home. Bilingual in French and English, Alexis has a broad range of experience personally and professionally. She has been in the client service industry for over 20 years, working with world class luxury brands and Fortune 500 companies in sales and recruiting. Her passion lies in creating authentic connections and delivering personalized experiences. She takes the time to listen, empathize, and obsessively search to find Mr. or Mrs. Right for you!
Sophy Singer is the "go-to" girl for anything dating-related. In her search for love, she developed her own dating strategy — which ultimately led her to to her last first date with her husband, Michael. Part matchmaker, part date coach, she hopes to inspire your faith in dating and reinvigorate your social calendar. Dating is not as daunting as you think, and in the end, it's all worth it. Her relatable, honest, and personable nature will be a grounding force in the course of this journey. Whatever crossroads you are at, she's ready to navigate with you!
Sherrie Adams believes with passion and communication, anything is possible. With over 15 years in the creative arts and wellness industry, she brings creativity with an eye toward practicality to her matchmaking. Sherrie's intuitive spirit, curiosity, and expansive wisdom illuminate her matchmaking. Through active listening and building deep connections, Sherrie provides endless possibilities for extraordinary encounters, revelations, and connections of the heart. She can't wait to go on this beautiful journey of discovery and wonderment with you.
Kerri Cohen is your tour guide through the sometimes bumpy road of dating. She'll bring an authentic mix of old school values and new age swag to guide you along the way. We all know love is the root to being truly happy, and she's here to find you just that. With a background in psychology and counseling, Kerri embraces individuality and enjoys making people feel at ease. Building confidence is one of her many secrets to making great matches, along with her strongest asset, her romantic intuition. After all, who you are on paper does not truly convey who you are. Kerri will read between the lines, digging deep to find what keeps you wanting more.
Holly McCusker believes love is the greatest gift you can receive in life. With a master's in education and twenty years of experience in the field, it has always been Holly's desire to help people in all aspects of their life. Overcoming major hurdles along her own journey has taught her the importance of seizing the moment and appreciating the simple pleasures that surround her. She is a soul-seeking agent who spends a lot of time running. It has been through these runs that she became truly self-aware of her needs and desires. Holly affirms that when seeking love, you must first understand your authenticity and recognize your unique desires. Here to listen and lean on, Holly is certain to help you uncover what you are looking for in a partner.
Angelina Chau is an architect for relationships. With a background in corporate management building teams and fostering synergy, she possesses exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills along with an innately strong work ethic. She left the conventional office to follow her passion for people, becoming a digital nomad and seizing every opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds. As a believer in fate and happiness, she is committed to transforming your matchmaking process into a meaningful and glowing experience. Allow her to build your foundation on a magical journey of finding love.
Constance Karcher is the quintessential people person, dreamer of dreams, and believer in magic. Intrigued by the human soul, she has the uncanny ability to find connection with most people she meets. She is an experience-collector at heart and knows that the joy of every experience is magnified by your connection with whom you share them. It's this perspective that drives her to create authentically shared dates between compatible people, with the ultimate goal of paving long-term relationships along the way. Constance aims to eliminate the guesswork out of the dating scene. So take a deep breath. She's ready to make your dating life easier!
Brigitte Weil knows the recipe for sweet success. This former New York Times-acclaimed pastry chef turned sought-after food and weight loss coach has been writing and coaching about creating the lives we deeply crave for decades. Brigitte believes you can have it all, and she will inspire you to use the assets you already possess to let your beautiful self shine. Like any recipe, dating is perfected by trial and error; you must be open to new flavors and adventure, and sometimes take a chance. Brigitte's secret sauce is her tireless commitment to becoming an expert on you, along with her extensive coaching experience in turning dreams into reality. Brigitte is ready to whip up some fabulous experiences and create a delicious journey of your best beginnings and happiest endings.
Paula Bukowinski is your love advocate. With the heart of a Latina, she has mastered the language of love: She's fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She is a passionate communicator with a true knack for connecting people from different walks of life — nothing is lost in translation. Her vast experience in TV production, event planning, PR, and publicity has primed her with the networks and resourcefulness to guide you through this process. Paula will enchant you with her energy and make you feel at ease with the whole matchmaking process. She keeps it fresh and fun while successfully guiding you in accomplishing your dating goals. Paula's motto in life is "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." For her, not everything is drawn at random; sometimes you also need the magical touch from your love fairy!
Carey Gaynes sang love songs at over 3000 weddings in her 25 years as a professional singer. But she realizes love isn't all flowers and fondant. She is a realist with a sentimental twist and believes that being your best self brings out the best in others, and draws in the love we all seek. "We enjoy the company of those that make us enjoy our OWN company." Her clients appreciate the encouragement and common sense that rings as true as the most romantic love song.
Antonia Greco is a New York City-based dating and relationship coach and the co-author of "Who Lies More, Men or Women? 6 Ways to Succeed in Dating, Relationships, and Life." Over the past eight years, she's worked one-on-one with clients of all ages to help them meet partners, date successfully, and has had a helping hand in several marriages. Her sense of humor and outgoing personality have a way of putting people at ease. In her spare time, she likes to run, fuss over cute dogs, play piano and bake pies. Antonia has been featured in Fox News, The Date Report, Seattle Weekly, CNN, Good Morning Japan, The Herald Tribune, Avantgardists TV, and many more. Stalk her at www.lovetapped.com.
Melissa Rogers may never sugarcoat anything, but she's as sweet as candy. This laughter-loving fitness instructor knows how to put in the work to get great results. Through meticulous attention to detail, conversational prowess, and a knack for bringing out the best in others, she revels in interpersonal relationships. Her newest relationship: the one she'll help you cultivate! With networks that span the United States, she's a "girl about town" wherever she goes: Minneapolis, Manhattan, Savannah, El Paso, you name it! Melissa is ready to motivate and do all the fancy footwork to bring romance back into your life.
Gigi Rodriguez is a "live your life to the fullest" kind of Gal. She inspires people on a day-to-day basis to never settle for anything but greatness and applies this life's motto to her matchmaking! Gigi is a highly motivated individual with an appetite for bringing the best out of people. She believes that with a little fun and humor, dating can be a captivating experience for all. Gigi will ease you out of your comfort zone and guide you to live life with passion.
Kim DeYoung is just as comfortable in an evening gown as she is in blue jeans and a baseball cap. She'll offer you that same flexibility, creating a comfortable dating environment for you to be your best self. There's inspiration in everyday opportunities, and Kim wants you to seize every date as if it's the door to your future. She believes in the power of love and knows your entire life can change with that first date. Her approach is grounded in empathic communication: our minds communicate through reason and intellect, but our hearts communicate through the stories of love. Dating has its ups and downs, so she will be your rock as you navigate the sea of love. Keep calm and be classy.
Majet Reyes is ready to collaborate with you on finding love in your life! With a MS in Community & Trauma Counseling, she has had diverse experiences in all parts of the world assisting a wide range of people. In matchmaking, her approach is humanistic, person-centered and mindfully-based when. As an optimist, a yoga practitioner and a leader of a community that empowers women, she is motivated to guide others to success and believes that you are the expert of your life. Majet will ask the right questions to help you discover your true authentic self, working together to find meaningful purpose in your love life.
Sarah Carino-Koza is ready to give you a straight-forward-no-nonsense path towards the love that you desire and deserve! A conservatory-trained and Ivy-educated teacher, Sarah was an early adopter in the online dating world (and has the face-palm/head-desk stories to back it up). She finally cracked the code when she met her husband... and what ensued was harmonious companionship. Through building her career as a music educator and classical pianist, Sarah is equal parts motivator, coach, cheerleader, and wise sage. She believes in the power of empowerment; you are the key to unlocking your own love story! Get ready for a healthy bit of sass, a lesson in spinning a negative into a positive, and countless possibilities.
Lauren F is ready to edit your options. With nearly 15 years of editorial experience, narrowing down good matches comes as second nature to her. She's decisive without finality, yet empathetic. She believes that relationships make the world go 'round and that matching like-minded people—whether in business, friendship or love—is one of the greatest joys in life. Her goal is to make matches based on common denominators, and, that with her help and a little bit of magic from the universe, she can do it for you efficiently and accurately—all with a bit of fun!
Camille Leon wants to open up your heart. With a background in psychology and knowledge of ancient yogic and meditative breathing techniques, Camille will teach you all the "oohs" and "ahhs" to get you over those first-date butterflies. Having spent six years living and working with locals in Thailand and India, Camille is ready to help you ground your mind and gently guide you into your most engaged "romance-asana." Camille believes that each of us has our own beautiful and unique cultural-emotional makeup. She's passionate about pushing you towards encounters that will inspire new meaning and growth in your life. Camille is nurturing, optimistic, and highly perceptive, and she wants you to take actions that resonate on a soul-level... to make you feel the most alive in your dating journey.
Ngoc Tran spent her formative years behind the bar of her family's French-Vietnamese restaurant in Virginia, where she developed a knack for active listening and putting people at ease. An MBA with 20+ years in management consulting and running tech startups, she has been steeped in the business of people. A lifelong learner, she's an expert at reading between the lines and is excited to help you begin your next romantic journey. Analytical and intuitive, empathic yet tenacious—Ngoc is a pragmatist who will make things happen for your love life. You drive—she'll navigate.
Michelle Lewis is the girl you love to open up to! She's often the go-to girl to friends, family, co-workers (random people at the nail salon, grocery store...) for advice on just about anything: dating, relationships, healthy recipes, Instagram filters, to name a few. She cherishes moments of joy, lazy days at home with husband and 1 year old son, live music, and some good wine paired perfectly with a cheeseboard. Dating can be hard work, but with Michelle on your side, this journey will enlighten you to be the dater you always aspired to be.
Simone Grossman is a theatre maker in New York City that utilizes her background in the performing arts to empathize and connect with you on your journey to love. Constantly inspired and fascinated by the human condition, Simone is an eternal optimist with a side of hopeless romantic. Eager to find the Romeo to your Juliet or the Beatrice to your Benedic, Simone takes an actors approach to her matchmaking style—the belief that listening is key! Her favorite things include dim sum, masterpiece theatre and the new Cardi B album. Simone's philosophy is: an open-heart, a sense of humor and a little sass are the best ways to set the stage for romance.
Mia McKinney Mia is a strategist who thrives in the journey. In her career as a marketing consultant, she learned that making the right connections and cultivating relationships will ultimately lead to great outcomes. Mia's roadmap to where she is today exemplifies the beauty in the scenic route: from the east coast to the west, and Mexico City in between, she left her heart in San Diego, to arrive in her family abode, Salt Lake City, with her rugby coaching husband and three children. Mia knows that everyone has a rich backstory too, and she's excited to learn and share in yours. She's committed to introduce you to people, for you to build connections and develop relationships... and guide you to reach your end goal: love.
Emily Polak is obsessed with authenticity and vulnerability. She believes every person is worthy and that by letting others see our realest selves, we get to see them too. Emily earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami, where her research focused on mindfulness and gratitude. She is also certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. Through her training, she has acquired a deep knowledge of human dynamics and understands that the process of finding a partner can be challenging. Her warmth and unwavering support will be a grounding force in your journey toward love.
Jackie Untermeyer is here to curate your perfect dating experience with thoughtful planning catered to your needs and preferences. As an operations guru and event planner of over 10 years, she has worked with a wide variety of customers, ranging from busy executives to brides-to-be. She is naturally a connector in both business and her social circles and has a passion for matchmaking! Although a ton of her operations experience came from working with developers at a software company, most recently she runs operations at a startup that supports women entrepreneurs with their businesses. In fact, she just got back from Croatia, where she hosted a yachting summit. Jackie will add a taste of adventure to your dating experiences, so you can have stories of your own to tell.
Lindsay Enders is a true believer that with patience, perseverance, and purpose, you have the power to make your dreams become your reality. With a background as a college coach and professional softball pitcher, she’ll be able to intuitively provide you with the tools to take your matchmaking experience over the fence. She has an enthusiastic love for adventure, an optimistic mindset and possesses a strong ability to motivate others with her empathy and interpersonal skills. She is excellent at building deep connections through listening with her heart, being authentic and consciously communicating. As a certified Astrologer, Lindsay can help you discover new and meaningful ways to make cosmic connections through intimacy and companionship. In her free time she enjoys whimsical arts such as painting ,pottery, singing and dancing. Furthermore, Lindsay is currently obtaining her certification as a Yoga and meditation teacher, as she feels focusing inward allows her to focus more efficiently outward in helping clients find their best match. She feels being present in life is extremely important to deepening your connection with others. Lindsay’s passion lies in perfecting the balance in life, let her be your guide to finding the balance you need with your perfect match!
Jessica Stewart believes that everyone has the ability to manifest love...and she’s dedicated to helping you achieve it! A matchmaker and dating coach for nearly a decade, Jessica reads people intuitively and has a deep appreciation for each person’s unique journey. She leads with compassion, warmth, and authenticity, but isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions and impart wisdom she knows will be helpful. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious as she supports you in finding joy, fun, and adventure in your dating life again. Jessica is passionate about personal development, her own and others, and truly feels that our experiences help us grow and that variety is the spice of life. In addition to being a love guru, she is an equity actress and singer who has performed off-Broadway, a certified reiki practitioner and intuitive tantra instructor, a youth volunteer, and a world traveler who has lived in three countries. Jessica feels called to make a difference in the world and has a knack for bringing out the best in everyone she meets.
Regina S is compassionate, caring, understanding, sweet, serves others before herself, enjoys hearing people's life journey, and thinks very logically. She believes that perfection is overrated, learning about the process can teach a thing or two about oneself, and approaching situations with an open mind. As a problem solver, she does not stop until she gets it right! Aside from being a great listener and communicator, she also discovers many ways in which to set realistic expectations that lead to successful matchmaking. Her biggest belief is, “come, seek, for search is the foundation of fortune: every success depends on focusing the heart.” - Persian poet Rumi. She lives by this and always believe in listening to your heart.
Amanda Hood is utterly passionate about getting to know her clients and having a keen vision for who makes the perfect match! Amanda has been a college professor and small business consultant for the past 15 years. Equipped with communication skills and service techniques, Amanda’s comfort is in pleasing her clients. When you are happy, she is happy! With her ability to successfully guide her clients throughout this amazing experience, she has a “knack” for connecting personalities that compliment one another. Having been married for over 15 years herself, she understands what it takes to recognize a relationship that has the potential for longevity. Amanda would help you feel comfortable enough to mention all the little “extra” things that make you, you. And, she is ecstatic to be able to make those “extras” shine through in your character! With Amanda as your matchmaker, you can focus on what is truly important in your life…be it your job, your friends or your family. You can relax and sit back. She will do the rest.
Aleesha Nash is a New York City-based playwright and director who tells stories that help shift the inaccuracies around African Americans' cultural identity. Recent directing projects include Lipstick (Cherry Lane Theatre), Park Bench (Primary Stages), The Raven (The Wild Project), and Lilies (The Arctic Group). Among her playwriting credits are Yellow Banter (The Flea Theater), We Dem Boyz (Goddard College) Black Hole Dating App (Kraine Theatre), and Yours Truly, Vincent. (Emerging Artist Festival). Aleesha is an alumna of the Lincoln Center Director's’ Lab and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation Observership program. She holds an MA from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and an MFA in dramatic writing from Goddard College in Vermont, where she received their Engaged Artist Award.
Kelly Ann Gonzales is used to wearing many different hats. Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey, & currently living in New York City, she's a creative entrepreneur. Aside from matchmaking, she works in the travel industry and as a romance novelist. Her experiences with connecting and serving people in the travel world combined with her romantic writing passions have allowed her a unique set of skills & a fresh perspective on the modern dating world. Her heartfelt desires along with her pragmatic expertise on guiding people's love lives for the better have led her on her dream path: helping you find love. Let's get started!
Alannah Henderson is the matchmaker and the self-love coach you want in your corner. She’s committed to helping individuals uncover the highest versions of themselves, so they can effortlessly attract their ideal partner. Alannah demands the best from herself and every person that she works with, but does so with a gentle and empathetic approach. Alannah has an impressive collection of counseling skills which has allowed her clients to overcome many roadblocks and receive uplifting breakthroughs. She has a degree in Psychology; she is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a mind and body image coach, and a Yoga Teacher that has trained with monks. More than anything, Alannah is a lifelong learner who is fueled by helping others to find lasting happiness. When you work with Alannah, your ultimate desires and goals become closer than you think.
Ruth Marquez can transform your dating life into a productive search for that special someone. With over 12 years of experience as a teacher, she has developed a deep understanding of people’s characters and psychological wirings. As a love enthusiast, she wholeheartedly believes that there is someone for everyone and that we all deserve to have a great companion. She is honest and upfront, guiding you through the dating process with a no-nonsense loving attitude. Using her sixth sense, she will work tirelessly to choose great candidates so that you have a positive dating experience. Claro que hablo español.
Racheal Medellin has an affinity for creating lasting connections with others. When you need advice or someone to support you, Racheal is here to safeguard all the intimate details. She intuitively reads between the lines and strengthens your self-understanding. Coming from a large family, she knows that communication is paramount to maintaining relationships. Her free-spirit and passion for excitement evoke spontaneity in not only her life, but the lives of those who come along for the ride. An avid traveler, she knows how to step outside her comfort zone and can teach you to do the same. She is a passionate, driven idealist with an imagination and will surely produce inspiring results. .
Tammy Jane Clouston is a natural empath with a keen sense of intuition. She has meticulously honed the art of digging deep and listening to her gut. Over the past decade as a professional artist and writer she has learned to follow, with curiosity, the messages the universe sends her. She will enthusiastically connect deeply with you to help you along your path to finding the match she knows you are truly worthy of.
Lauren Sanders lives and breathes dating culture and truly believes in connecting good people. Her personal mission is to help spread love and ensure that the world knows how much it deserves to be loved. She’s written several books, most notably “You Deserve the World” which encourages women to never settle for less than the very best. In addition to authoring relationship books, she also writes for a well known entertainment news website chronicling the journey of The Bachelor franchise. All in all, Lauren is committed to meticulously partnering clients with carefully crafted dates designed for everlasting success.
Makaela Van believes that just like every individual, each match contains multitudes. She celebrates diversity and expression in every facet of her life and is passionate about connection and intellectual stimulation. As an actor, playwright and poet in New York, she is no stranger to the hustle and grind of the city. Makaela also knows how to relax and enjoy the view (preferably with a sweet tea in hand), a mindset she attributes to her South Carolina roots. Makaela wants to learn about you. She digs deep to find the emotional and cerebral motivations that move you forward in your pursuit of a partner, honing in on and highlighting the most authentic version of you.
Alisa Arvind is an alchemist of life with the art of magically turning the most challenging situations into gold. She is a success coach, former White House Journalist, Holistic Energy Healer, Author of the book "The Era of Femininity" and a Goddess with an intuition that has helped her and her clients achieve the life they desire. Her goal is to help you defy all odds, live your life to the fullest, and connect you with individuals that bring out that spark in you. Alisa believes that love is what makes life worth living and dating should feel like the adventure you've always wanted to go on. Alisa is determined to help you be the most confident, authentic, sexy version of yourself so you can go out into the dating world excited and full of joy. You are here to magnetize the soulmate of your dreams.
Sivan Katz has shared her life with others since childhood. Growing up on a kibbutz in Israel, her time has been spent in communities, working with her brothers and sisters and learning the importance of human connection. Sivan’s life work has been helping others find a place of healing and trust through leaning into community. She credits her trials and experiences of non loving relationships to give her the strength to transcend and transmit the power of metamorphosis to her clients. As a coach and a matchmaker, Sivan has a special knack for offering a loving and nurturing style and safe space for growth and development.
Marissa Salviano believes everyone deserves to live their best, most fulfilling life. She enjoys helping others realize and achieve their full potential. With a degree in psychology, a passion for the science of people, and her incredible intuition, Marissa is able to create truly meaningful connections with everyone she encounters. Her spontaneity often has her traveling the country, jumping into random social situations, or dancing on table tops. Her goal is to support others in manifesting their destiny while ever so subtly helping to bring it to life. Everyone deserves to live their best life, and Marissa’s passion is seeing those around her doing just that!
Paul Watson was born to experience life's full potential and to share that insight with others. He's here to take you to a place of potential that you never thought was possible, using his global reach to navigate the dating world for you. He believes everyone is capable of experiencing love, approaching matchmaking with a dedication to create long-term connections. Paul is committed to finding you great partnership. Imagine for a moment: the person who's waiting to hear from you and hasn't met you yet. Paul is here to make the call...and have fun discovering connections! .
Patrick Wu believes that you are made of love. When you know this, "finding love" becomes that much easier. He is the author of the book The Art Of Wooing as well as the host of a popular dating show called The Wooist Podcast, which has garnered over 173,000 downloads. Having worked both in Silicon Valley as a technical recruiter and as a social confidence coach, Patrick harnesses his skills to create the ultimate matchmaking experience. Patrick is ready assist you in dating with more confidence, so that you can become the hero of your own love story.
Natasha Ponciano believes that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. As a matchmaker and yoga teacher, Natasha is here to guide people in understanding that the perfectly imperfect versions of ourselves are absolutely enough. Natasha radiates positive energy and happiness, breath-by-breath and date-by-date. Her undeniable hunger for adventure and authenticity drives her daily pursuit of knowledge and connection. Natasha holds a business degree, and specializes in cultivating, maintaining, and building relationships. She's on a quest for the person that pushes you to be the best version of yourself, and of course, takes your breath away. Your someone is out there waiting to be found, and with Natasha's help, anything is possible.
Amy Wells wants to match you with that special someone. She boasts a diverse set of skills, with a background in the Armed Forces, nursing, real estate and photography. She has the drive, commitment, intuition and compassion that makes her an eclectic matchmaker. Her journey in life is to foster happiness and positivity, while her destination has yet to be discovered! She believes it takes time, dedication and an open heart (and mind!) to discover what’s already waiting for you. She can’t wait to serve you on your journey to find love.
Katie Williams loves helping people be successful and happy! With a strong academic background, Katie possesses patience, persistence, and passion that shines through in every interaction. She brings an organized and seamless approach to dating, with matches thoughtfully-customized for you. Katie’s positive energy will encourage you to open your heart, increase your confidence, take risks, have fun and let the magic happen. She truly believes there is someone for everyone, but you have a responsibility to love yourself first. Katie is honored to be your relationship concierge on this journey!
Stephanie Mak is at heart, a true creative with a love of thrilling adventures and everything romance. As a collector of many hobbies including catching waves and performing daring acrobatics, Stephanie believes that there is magic hiding in all corners of the world. With her background in Psychology and 6 plus years of Sales Executive experience, she is relentless in finding you your own spark of magic. Take her hand, and she will take you on an adventure of love!
Ashley Kennedy believes being genuine and true to yourself is the foundation of happiness. Dating can be hard, and finding authentic connection in romantic relationships is at times daunting. With her background in executive assistance, Ashley is adept at connecting with who you are and what you want most out of life - and then helping set you on the right path. Ashley sees life as more of an art than a science; she is enthusiastic about fostering confidence within her clients and creating "sparks" through date experiences. Ashley's dedicated and energetic approach to service will ensure you are at the right place at the right time to ignite that flame!
Anastacia Walden is passionate about connecting with people. With her natural talent of combining empathy with listening and clarifying, she will support you throughout the stages of dating, to meet the person you have been dreaming of. With a background in woman’s health, counseling, and education, she incorporates her talents as a relationship coach to connect compatible people. For fun, she enjoys making art with found objects, exercising outside, cooking delicious organic foods, practicing yoga, traveling and writing. Bringing people together for friendship and love, listening to her clients stories, and waiting for that moment when they find their match…priceless!
Danielle Santos brings fun, uplifting ideas into full manifestation! She is an artist of love, an artist of spirit and is someone who is creating every moment. Working as a Music Therapist and Reiki practitioner, she has a mission in life is to empower individuals to create lives they love living. Her easy-going, intuitive, understanding, compassionate ways will help you discover your optimal self and make it easier for you to navigate the question: who is right for me? Danielle will empower you to create your life with Love, so get ready to live a life you love living.
Tammy Trinchetto is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades. Having visited all 50 states, she is always one for finding adventure and letting nature guide the course. With her genuine, caring and confident personality, she has a natural intuition for matchmaking and isn't afraid to be honest and direct in the process. She likes to listen, observe and then set forth a plan, which she will always follow through on (even if that means changing direction every once in a while). Love is about making adjustments and being open to someone else's needs. Tammy is here to adapt with you along the way.
Ryan Henry is an artist who sees love as an art. Much like a painting, it takes time to fall in love. Ryan has always been very emotionally intelligent from helping friends/family to strangers he met on the street. His hobbies include painting, clothing design, and reading. Ryan has a very strong passion for finding the growth in a person and making it flourish. He is very direct, open, trustworthy with a hint of cheesiness. Being such a positive person it is very easy to open up to him, but only if you're ready for the next chapter in your love life.
Lori A Davis has a unique and passionate approach to love and relationships. She believes everyone deserves and can have the relationship of their dreams. Drawing from her background as a marriage counselor and certified relationship coach, Lori helps you find the unstoppable relationship you deserve. Navigating the dating world can be confusing and stressful, and that's why Lori is here to guide you through the process. She is committed to learning what truly matters to you. She then put her intuition and skills to work to find you great matches... and the love you truly desire.
Lori C Irwin is fascinated by the science of love and how our relationships affect all facets of our lives. She believes our intimate relationships are our best teachers and only through them can we discover and evolve into our highest selves. The quality of our relationships is equal to the quality of our lives. Dating in the 21st century can be really amazing, and if you don't think so, she's here to show you otherwise! She'll look for that special person to dance the dance of life alongside you. Is there anything more exciting?
Jennifer Blaesing wants to level up your love life. A passion management coach, astrologer and psychology wiz, she has a major knack for sensing when 2 people will jive like magic! With her background in creative community development, music, event planning, spirituality and healing, her goal is to find you connections that resonate at the core. Jennifer loves to plan unique and fun date experiences that are unforgettable. She listens to get to know the real you-- then looks for your ultimate partner. Let Jennifer take care of all the groundwork, so you can sit back and enjoy your experience!
Adrianelly Larue advocates for authentic connection. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a natural aptitude for bridging the communication gap for her clients and their brands. She is a firm believer that with a new direction, you can renew the narrative of your dating life. An avid outdoors enthusiast, she recognizes the journey one takes through the rugged terrain of dating in the hope to reach the scenic view of love. Diligent in developing her intuition, she applies a perceptive approach to identifying your best match. As a guide, Adrianelly devotes her time to get to know all of your attributes. All you do is show up to the trailhead, and she will bring the rest to elevate your dating experience.
Leila Harris is passionate about all things love. She believes self love is the first love to finding a great match. Loving takes bravery and vulnerability and she knows how valuable it is to have a guide on this love journey. Leila has traveled around the world and appreciates many different cultures and ways of thinking. She is holistic and spiritualistic; and she believes strongly in energetic alignment. Leila will pick up on feelings and emotions without being told, sharing insights with you that with enhance your experience. She is ready to start this exciting journey with you!
Katharina Bethea is a career and life coach as well as yoga teacher with a background in retail marketing and merchandising. With over a decade creating balance in her career, she's skilled at driving initiatives while also connecting to the present moment. In yoga, she loves connecting with students to guide you in finding joy in movement and breath. It's this practical and intuitive guidance that makes her a natural in leading your dating life. Katharina wants your dates to be organic, fun, and exciting! Her biggest piece of advice for dating is to be present, because the only moment that matters is this one.
Jodi Stamey believes that journeys are best shared with others. Her approach to matchmaking is to discover the true passion of two individuals and connect their passions to inspire a complementary approach to life. Jodi has experience building relationships through international program development and fundraising in the higher education area, where she utilizes the art of research, evaluation and transformational experiences to make a difference in the lives of future leaders. With a degree in communication and business management, she appreciates authentic, direct conversations with her clients to better understand their relationship goals. A few of her favorite things include traditional boxing, paddle boarding, life-long learning, good chocolate and funky cheese. She is committed to capturing life's spirit through exploration and taking calculated chances to do something bold.
Susan Moore Susan is a relationship-focused Leadership Coach with a background in self-discovery, self-development and personal expansion. She lives life with an emphatic zest, promoting connectedness to self and others. In her online series, Stepping Out of Autopilot, Susan has worked with leading experts to “help you Create the Life YOU Desire " has a knack for bringing out your most confident, most authentic self. With an advanced certification in the enneagram, she takes the time to uncover your best self, discovering who it is that will best compliment your vision. She is an introvert who loves intimate, authentic conversations, and believes that everyone ultimately wants to be seen and wants to be loved. Sometimes that just takes a little effort to uncover. Working off her experience as a successful leadership coach, Susan will help you see your best qualities, and she’ll work with you to get the most out of each date. Let's go deeper and use feedback to move us closer to your desired destination.
Antonia Markakis believes confidence and kindness allow you to be successful in dating. Yes, dating can be tedious, but there is so much opportunity to play and discover. Antonia is here to have fun with you as you explore opportunities. At explorer at heart, Toni has visited more than 30 countries, sharpening her keen sense of intuition, adventure, creativity and curiosity. She's here to create with precision, and manifestation is an integral part of her matchmaking approach. As a private chef, with a large Greek family, she believes it is truly important to embrace your best ingredients. The spicy, sweet, the pain, the heartache, the gifts, the shame and the shine.
Brenda Segada is an intuitive empath by nature. She possesses a strong capacity for understanding other people and an intense passion for helping others. Her diverse background includes education, law enforcement and medicine; all experiences have equipped her with a great degree of emotional receptivity . Brenda's attention to detail and fierce commitment makes her an invaluable asset, from introductions to I do's. Through her own journey of life, love, and heartache, she's developed a strong belief in true love and knows what it takes to find it. Just point Brenda in the direction of the sky, and she'll find you your lucky star.
Jessica Martens loves love! She is an entrepreneur and lover of people and places. She's traveled to over 35 countries, has lived all over the world, and has 10+ years of experience in both small business and corporate America. Her adventures around the globe, career in marketing communications, and passion for connecting people, have shaped her matchmaking philosophy. Her guiding principle: Jessica believes in second chances; and most importantly, she believes in love.
Meagan N Madson is a lifelong student of love and relationships. She recognized very early on that her intuitive gifts enabled her to guide and heal others on their journey to love. She is a master in the art of feminine/masculine polarity, a seer of energy, and a seeker of transcendence. She has studied, and obtained certifications, in Spiritual Psychology, Transformational Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and numerous other spiritual sciences. Meagan considers it her role to remind you of your own brilliance. Allow her to see what is unseen in you and love on you until you can see it too.
Rebecca Tassoni is a natural connector with an innate ability to effortlessly build rapport. She has an academic background in interpersonal/relational communication and brings a polished perspective to helping those who are seeking meaningful connections. Rebecca believes true romance still exists, and she knows that those who endeavor to find it must be intentional in their pursuit. Allow her to be the sherpa on your quest.
Tara Menard is a hopeless romantic who believes in love. Tara brings her gifts of intuition, empathy and passion to building relationships and creating love stories. She's here to guide you to dig deep within to pull out what it is you are truly looking for in your ideal partner. Finding a lover for life starts with being a lover of life.
Amber De Vos is inquisitive, passionate and an empathic listener by nature. She leverages these skills as a celebrity photographer, dating coach and matchmaker. She loves helping others find love and is here with you to navigate the sometimes frustrating and confusing world of dating. Amber always aims to build a foundation of trust, intention, and fun with you and is committed to your growth in this process. She knows that your entire life can change with just one great date. It is her mission is to support you in becoming the kind of dater you've always aspired to be.
Upasna Kaushik is passionate about bringing happiness to your life. Her intuitive abilities help her to read what is not being said and guide her in understanding people beyond what they share. She has a blend of experience as a Certified Life Coach, Certified Image Coach and Energy Leadership™ Coach and loves empowering those who are looking for meaningful and lasting relationships. She understands the value of having a great partner, as she can’t stop sharing how blessed she is to have one in her own life.
Caitlin O'Connell creates space for you to open up. She has the empathy and magnetism that makes you feel comfortable to dig deep in her presence. She credits her multiple degrees in theatre to being able to see the love in every person she meets. With years of experience in hospitality, Caitlin enjoys building relationships and learning about people. She is kind, caring, and will make sure you know exactly what you want. She approaches all aspects of her life, especially love, with an extremely open heart and trust. And she hopes you will too!
Inna Shaulskaya is a love doctor. Analytical and compassionate, she is passionate about bringing people together to connect heart-to-heart. Having founded a Facebook group for singles and built it to 3,000 members over the last 5+ years, Inna enjoys organizing and hosting events for daters. She wants to know your story and recognizes the importance of feeling fulfilled in your romantic life. When Inna in your guide on this dating journey, she'll show you a great time-- and create opportunities that inspire you.
Laura Menze has a passion for helping to create more love in the world: one person at a time. She is a Professional Certified Coach who specializes in Relationship Readiness Coaching for Singles. Along with matchmaking, she teaches Professional Coaching to up and coming coaches for The Relationship Coaching Institute and is a contributing author to the book Ready, Set, Date. She became the host of The Denver Singles Summit and was a featured coach on the television series, Radical Dating – Breaking Through The Barriers to Find Lasting Love After 40. And, as an Ordained Minister, Laura marries her clients who’ve found love. Laura is a full service Love Professional eager to help those who are ready for a radical love.
Sean McClurken Sean has been cultivating quality relationships for the past 10+ years. Combining his background in leadership, coaching, and an education in Psychology, connecting people has been the feature of his career. As a bit of a perfectionist, you can rest assured that his success is found in helping you discover that special someone.
Luba Chan With a name that means "Love" in Ukrainian, it should come as no surprise that Luba was drawn to being a matchmaker. And with a background in acting and writing, she fosters a deep appreciation for telling stories. She has a knack for listening to and empathizing with her clients as well as implementing plans with utmost care and organization. Luba is thrilled to help each of her clients develop and write their very own love story.
Morgan Przekurat Spent many years helping friend with relationship problems, now bringing my friendly perspective to match people with lifelong partners. Working in the NYC restaurant business helped me understand all types of New Yorkers and all types of needs and wants. You'll want someone who makes bad times easy to handle and good times just amazing and I’m here to find them for you!
Kathy Bishop Kathy Bishop was raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She is a very passionate, caring, honest, trustworthy person with a fun loving personality. Her background is mostly in managing medical office, working directly with doctors/staff in order for a patient to have the best experience possible. Kathy enjoys being outside and doing just about anything with a mixture of sunshine, water, music, friends and family.
Kevin Paley Kevin is a kind and sensitive listener who loves love. As a director, Kevin examines relationships and the individual. Once we come to understand that each person has given set of wants and needs, we can communicate with one another to find the specifics of who you are, what makes you happy, and what you’re looking for in a romantic partner. As in theatrical direction, Kevin will design the perfect circumstances for you to enjoy the first steps on the path of love. With Kevin, you’ll find a friend, an event planner, and a life coach all in one.
Dani Rocco Dani Rocco Dani has had a life journey from professional ballerina, to owning her own company, to traveling the world working with CEO's in relationship coaching. Her ability to relate and see past the present moment in individuals gives her a unique prospective to matchmaking. As a forward thinker with compassion and empathy her clients walk away feeling empowered and in their new relationships. Filling in the blanks is her job, while you reap the rewards.
Mariah Lee Mariah Lee is your love coach. She'll push you to be the most confident, open, and authentic version of yourself, as well as guide you through the dating process. With a background in professional sports and coaching, she brings that same drive and dedication to your love life. Say goodbye to swiping, unmet expectations, and dating fatigue-- she'll do all the heavy lifting for you, making your dating experience as seamless as possible. Mariah's attention to detail, intuition, and tried and true methods make for endless opportunities to connect deeply, build relationships, and ultimately find love.
Karin McGuire With over 20+ years of success in the world of Corporate HR and Talent Acquisition, Karin has learned that while on paper someone might look to be the perfect match, a “resume” is just one small piece of the overall puzzle to finding your “person”. By sharing your story, being open and vulnerable, and trusting in the process, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to find what you’re looking for. Having a matchmaker who listens intently, seeks to understand, wants to get to know you, and who is truly invested in your success as if it was her own, is exactly what you will be getting when you work with Karin. Now is your time to shine and who better to assist in your journey than your biggest ally, coach, matchmaker, and cheerleader.
April Fletcher April has been working in the matchmaking industry for the past eight years and has been bringing people together for as long as she can remember. With a background in Psychology focusing on Marital Therapy, she has fine-tuned her skills to provide clients the tools necessary to be successful in potential relationships. As a professional matchmaker, April listens to her clients and provides expert advice and guidance to help achieve their dating goals. Her passion and drive for her client's success is shown by her ability to provide the highest quality introductions by utilizing both traditional and non-traditional methods of recruiting to find the best possible candidates for her clients. As a dating and relationship expert, she has assisted in the setting up and matching of hundreds of couples resulting in successful relationships, engagements, and marriages.
Rebecca Haskell Rebecca Haskell has felt like the Carrie Bradshaw of the Bay Area’s Dating scene over the past 5 years. She has seen the spectrum of dating and understands how hard finding love can be. With over 10 years of experience in education, teacher training, and coaching others to reach their full potential, she knows the importance of personal values and motivations in helping others achieve success. Rebecca takes great care and consideration in getting to know people and really uncovers who they are and what they are looking for in a partner. A connector at heart, she has always had a knack for bringing love together.
Christina DeMeglio Christina DeMeglio is here for you! With a background in psychology and design, she has worked for the past 13 years to bridge the gap between the two. To her, this translates to truly getting to know someone in an attempt to understand what they need that will bring special meaning to their lives. She is committed to building trust, listening to your vision and helping to actualize that with you. She believes that true happiness is found in connectivity and her goal is to bring that to your life.
Jasmine Mahee believes in the magic of a genuine connection and the power it holds. She's passionate about the details that lie beneath the surface which, woven together, make up the fabric of love. Her experience in the wedding industry as well as blogging about the art of relationships further demonstrate her desire to help others find true and lasting connections. Jasmine is excited about the opportunity to get to know you and make your dating experience as enjoyable as possible.
Emily Kovach Matchmaking cannot be taught and Emily has a natural intuition about people and their stories to understand what it takes to establish a long-lasting connection. She recognizes that successful relationships cannot be distilled to a mere resume because authenticity lies in the details and dwells in an energy that cannot be captured by words. Emily listens to you, understands you, and is committed to guiding you to whoever will help you flourish in the beauty and wonder of love. Going to a matchmaker may be new to you; it may feel strange and a bit odd, but Emily will make you feel comfortable in your skin. This is your story and it is time for you to start a new chapter.
Mariloli Sohtis Mariloli Sohtis has a refined sense of intuition and the eye of an artist. Since very young, friends and family would confide in her and ask her for relationship advice. She is caring, compassionate and committed towards those she serves and she is determined to help you find your perfect match.
Connor Childers Connor Childers has a photographic memory and an uncanny ability to connect with and understand people. As both a creative and business-minded individual, Connor knows how to achieve strong results through thoughtful communication - and never settles for anything less (a benefit to both himself and his clients). As a gatekeeper between you and your soon-to-be-partner, he takes his role very seriously - carefully listening and empowering others by strategically helping foster meaningful and impactful relationships.
Jodi Pirlot Jodi Pirlot is gifted with strong intuition and the wisdom that comes from over 20 years of personal growth and relationship coaching. Armed with a background in Psychology and an M.B.A., Jodi’s passion and purpose is to find your perfect match; someone who not only sees your inner and outer beauty but who also falls in love with your unique quirkiness. Jodi’s curious and kind nature will immediately put you at ease as she becomes your biggest advocate and cheerleader on your quest for true love.
Sandi Mero Sandi Mero enjoys seeing others happy. Her zest for life and love motivate her to work with intention. She has a keen way of getting to know a person within five minutes of meeting them. Her favorite quote that she aspires to live by is from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is her goal to treat her clients with the utmost compassion and respect as she travels their journey of love with them.
Kate Thomas Kate Thomas has a curiosity and passion for connection. She loves working with clients from all walks of life, collaborating enthusiastically with them to find their ideal matches. Her creativity and insightful communication style is intended to prioritize your every need, while also encouraging divergent thinking and a sense of adventure. An eternal optimist, Kate believes we can all achieve meaningful relationships, and so her hope is to make that a reality for every client she is fortunate enough to meet.
Molly Bierman Molly Bierman is all about making it count, doing it with the people you love, and sprinkling in a dash of glitter. She is a hospitality expert, with over 16 years experience in tailoring her service to fit all of your needs. She is also a wedding officiant who believes that hitting the dance floor can cure just about anything. Finding love is a wild adventure where you learn about yourself, discover your wants and needs, and meet some pretty awesome people along the way. Molly is here to listen and provide you with the most successful dating experience. She is excited to support and guide you on your journey to love, laughter, and happiness.
Nicholas Leung Pharmacist by day, matchmaker by night. I bring a high level of intelligence to screen, relate with, and connect individuals. I love counseling young professionals, but have a keen ability to build relationships with all backgrounds. Having the right people, including romantic, in your life can bring so much joy to daily life. Let's connect and cultivate joy!
Lily Wylie Lily Wylie is here to create a dating experience catered to meet your needs and preferences resulting in successful long-term relationships. Being in customer service and operations for over 15 years, she enjoys creating a positive environment for her clients and customers and is generally a solution-based person. She has a passion for connecting people, creating new friendships and intimate relationships. Lily is likely to add a taste of adventure to dates that will result in memorable experiences to last a lifetime. She believes there is someone out there for everyone and sometimes people just need some help and guidance in the right direction to find them.
Beryl Cummings Beryl Cummings is a scientist by training with a passion for love and helping people. She holds a PhD in genetics from Harvard Medical School and works in San Francisco as a scientist. In her free time, she devours dating and relationship related content. Her favorite podcasts include Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel, Dear Sugars co-hosted by Cheryl Strayed, and Why Won't You Date Me?; with Nicole Byer. She is eager to help clients helping to balance dating with intent to find a meaningful relationship while maintaining a high-intensity career in today's climate.
Nicole Catino Nicole Catino likes to use a combo of skills from her extensive background in creative arts, psychology, self-mastery and genuine curiosity to find your perfect love match. Making this process a fun and effective adventure is Nicole's goal. With her compassionate and direct approach, Nicole gets to the heart of what kind of relationship it is that you desire. She believes that you hold the key and she is just your guide to the love that you desire.
Kim Morse Kim Morse has been helping singles find love for over 10 years as a Master Relationship Coach. As a hopeless romantic, she believes everyone deserves and can have the relationship they thought was only possible in their dreams She spent many years herself in the dating scene and understands how scary it can seem but is dedicated to making it fun and seamless for her clients. She is excited to learn about you and what lights your fire and she is committed to finding the best option for your unique vision of love.
Paula Lesso Paula Lesso hears what your heart is saying. Through her years of coaching, she has been able to hear what her clients want and why they want it. Using her unique ability, she is able to match her clients with common interests. Paula is passionate about making life and love happen and that there truly is someone for everyone. Communication is the Heart of any Relationship.
Eryin Choi Eryin, known as the Director of Romance, has witnessed true love with hundreds of clients. She is a unique combination of luxury hospitality and love expert. Her thorough knowledge of relationships interweaves into your bespoke dating experience. Known for her warmth and competitive nature, she wont stop until she gets it right. She believes in connection and creating power couples. A great listener by nature she will take all of your requests into consideration when finding the love of your life!
Gayla Wick Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and Author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love was once a true love skeptic. When her first marriage ended, she thought finding love again was about as likely as seeing the proverbial unicorn. Now that she’s been married for 15 years to the man of her dreams, she’s ready to help you too! This love coach knows an amazing, healthy and happy love relationship is possible. Gayla loves getting to know her clients and delights in setting them up for dating success and beyond.
Cephra Stuart Cephra is passionate about building harmonious interpersonal connections both for herself and others. She attributes her skills for matchmaking to her parents, as she grew up watching her dad coach athletes and her mother coaching actors. This perspective allowed her to learn how to quickly assess a person's strengths & growth areas, and how to cast people in the right roles and positions to help them thrive. She has a background in social psychology, human resources, and data science. In her spare time, you can find Cephra playing volleyball, tennis or basketball, singing, writing music or watching LeBron be awesome.
Bridget Bare Bridget Bare has always had a knack for being an active listener due to her lifelong background in customer service. Whether she is catering weddings or matching people with their ideal furry companion, she is able to see their personalities from a different perspective. Bridget understands that a deeper level of communication is valuable to her as a matchmaker as well as an asset in all successful relationships. One of Bridget’s core beliefs is that there is a perfect match for everyone with a little luck and a lot of perseverance. Bridget understands that creating and maintaining a relationship takes a lot of work patience, and trust, and she is excited to go on this journey with you.
Sam Parrott Sam Parrott is a Renaissance man who thrives on collaboration and creative energy. Before moving to Washington, DC to pursue a master's degree in classical acting, Sam lived in Brooklyn, NY. He spent his days working in public relations and his nights helping to found several theater companies dedicated to producing innovative and dynamic Shakespearean productions. Above all else, Sam values open and honest communication, and he is committed to using his unbridled optimism to create meaningful personal relationships with his clients. His advice for anyone seeking true love: Stay in the present moment and enjoy the experience, don't focus on the outcome. You already possess all the qualities that will lead you to your soulmate, you just need to pull back the curtain and reveal your authentic self.
Paula Pearl Paula Pearl was born with a love of people and a passion for helping others. She has the sixth sense for matters of the human heart. Paula is the type of person who won't stop until she gets the job done and gets the job done right.
Casey Landman Casey Landman—a lover of love. *cue eye roll* Perhaps it sounds cliche, but it couldn’t be more accurate! A warm and loving New Yorker, (they exist!) she thrives when others find love and happiness—and can’t help but enjoy being a bit of help on that journey. Her keys to success are an open mind, and an open heart, and has a myriad of tools to bring you there. Casey is known for her ability to make people feel heard and understood, a quality that serves her and her clients well across the board. With a sense of humor and a deep desire to help you find your person, Casey is devoted to finding your match. Casey picks the matches, and you get to light it.
Tara Hughes Tara Hughes is an empathic yoga teacher with a passion for helping people find their true path. Love is the ultimate energy, and her goal is to spark that light within everyone she can interact with. She has a creative mind, a kind smile, and great listening and communication skills to allow her clients to get the best experience possible. She will give you and your future soulmate her utmost attention, energy, and passion.
Nicole Wang Nicole Wang is a passionate extrovert who believes in the magic of meeting new people and making new connections. She believes in positive energy and hard work and will bring both to the table to help you find your match! As an avid believer in love, she believes that listening is a vital part of any relationship, whether it be matchmaker-to-client or for dating. As a matchmaker, she will communicate honestly and directly in order to help you find an ideal match.
Sara Rahman Sara Rahman is a lover of love and a professional creative with an equally creative approach to relationships. As a performer and creator, Sara views connection as a journey and a story and not as destination and equation. Sara's reputation for creative problem solving as well as knack for innovation and fun makes certain every step along her clients' journey is an enjoyable one. You could describe Sara's approach to matchmaking as creating a visual or literary masterpiece made up of clear communication and the spark of chemistry. Every choice is a collaboration and Sara's inherently open mind and kind approach will ensure each of her clients stay empowered, supported, and satisfied.
Elyce Billany Elyce B has been in relationship building her entire career. She is a fun loving gal from the Midwest who loves a good joke and a glass of red wine. She lives in a small town with her husband and 2 year old son. Her number one goal is to help those around her live their best life. Matchmaking is so much more than putting two strangers together, it is about understanding each other and making every step of the process an enjoyable one. Elyce believes that every moment in life should be either cherished and enjoyed or learned from. She will bring you not only a genuine positive outlook, but also a truly wonderful experience while you create new memories, friendships, relationships and love!
Sophia Leon Sophia León has a background in dance and writing and wants to help you find your equal partner on and off the dance floor. As a queer woman she has a soft spot for quirky charm and humor-driven romance, and believes that complimentary energy is the locus of true connection! A romantic at heart, she sees every new encounter as a sliding door; each person we meet has the power to expand our minds and open new channels of inspiration we never knew we had. As you share the life experiences that have shaped you so far, she will be there to offer a warm and thoughtful reflection of your desires, all while reminding you of your own innate strengths and wisdom. If you too admire and are looking for brave love, you’ve come to the right place.
Kate H Katie has a heart of gold and is ready to help you find your diamond in the rough! With a lifetime spent in the Love Business she has mastered every aspect - from designing and creating custom engagement rings, to planning and catering weddings, photographing happy couples and setting up lifelong relationships! Katie will guide you through the process of finding that special someone and will mentor you to prepare you for the Next Chapter of your life story! Her creativity, dedication to your happiness and loyalty will not only help you find that perfect match but create a new friend and ally who will stay in your corner even after you're happily matched!
Abby Hanc Abby is a born and raised country girl who takes her shoot from the hip upbringing combined with her educational pursuits in Jungian Psychology to help you get to the depths of your heart and call in your other half! Expect to laugh, have transparent, honest conversations and learn to leave your old patterns behind. Now more than ever we need love and Abby is here to help you find in!
Kara Bell A natural intuitive as it relates to matters of the heart; Kara has a compassionate understanding of the challenges both Men and Women face in seeking meaningful relationships. Humans by nature are designed to have a mate in which to share their lives with and Kara has the innate ability to find the" Yin to your Yang." Understanding the characteristics that are needed to establish the foundation of compatibility and love between two people are my specialty. Together we will find a great potential mate to build your foundation with as human nature was intended.
Maja Uckar Maja Uckar is that person you want in your corner preparing and encouraging you for perfect match and finishing it as an ultimate winner. With a background of project coordinator in large construction NYC company and manager role in beauty and skincare industry for most luxuries world brand she has a great experience working with high profile clientele from both worlds. Endless believer in a love, romance but also in a mutual respect and bringing the best from each other, she will be your best listener, get to know your needs, desires and find you the one who will raise your heart beat and bring you peace at the same time. Let her show you what she is doing the best and let her transform your search for perfect match in fun, remarkable and meaningful journey.
Lara Dykstra Lara Dykstra was born with an eye for human connection. She has a reputation for clear communication and empowering others. A creative and passionate individual, she finds utmost satisfaction in nurturing genuine relationships. She is committed to guiding and empowering you on your journey to find your partner.
Marisa Selvy Marisa Selvy finds that one of her top thrills in life is meddling with people’s unsatisfying love lives and jumpstarting that journey toward meeting a truly worthy partner who will ignite your soul. She acts as a mirror who reflects and amplifies both the obvious and unnoticed charm you posses to captivate a romantic partner. Marisa survived a divorce a few years ago and is now an expert on the path to finding your next lifelong paramour and getting it right the second time around. She can help you get back in the saddle and open your mind to accepting new candidates for your heart. Marisa believes that the most intoxicatingly awesome high of all time is that initial leap of your stomach, hot flush on your cheeks and dopey mile wide perma-grin when that new crush’s name pops up on your phone screen. That powerful feeling of being desired, thought about and sought after is the greatest confidence/mood/life booster and all people should be blessed with this sublime bliss. Buy the ticket, take the ride - with Marisa as your dating guide.
Susannah Stengel SUSANNAH POWERS STENGEL is a zesty people connector with a quick wit, an organized mind, and warm, direct communication style. As a lover of storytelling, Susannah catalyzes others to share their passions, quirks, and unique perspectives. She finds joyful connection for her clients is most often generated through these storytelling acts of shared vulnerability. Susannah builds one love story at a time, starting always from the model of radical self-love. Her goal is simple--to find you a symbiotic partner in crime, whose energy helps you connect to the very best parts of yourself.
Eliza Miller Eliza Miller is the best wingwoman you could ask for. She will be your best friend in dating. She believes in tireless encouragement and will be your cheerleader and coach. She can also give tough love when it is needed and call you on your you-know-what. With backgrounds in writing, coaching, and critiquing, she has the psychological prowess to help you find what you are looking for. Dating should be fun, easy, and magical! With Eliza by your side, it will be.
Frank Benefield Frank is an outlier, meaning, he is not your typical matchmaker and this diversity is one of the assets he brings to your matchmaking experience. He has life and relationship experience to draw on and as a retired servicemember and trained counselor, he has people skills too! Frank’s perspective on relationships is a pragmatic and creative one, if not overly romantic, he thinks helping others find healthy relationships is meaningful and life-changing work that tremendously improves the lives of others. I am ready to help you find someone special, let’s get to work!
Jessica Marie Jessica has extensive knowledge of the dating landscape and an incredible ability to get to the core of what each member is looking for in a relationship. Jessica has an MBA in marketing and has been making business connections for the past two decades. Now, she enjoys using her business savvy to connect people and help build meaningful relationships with her clients.
Lara B I am here to transform your search into an adventure of self discovery, growth and love. As both a personal coach and matchmaker I will support you in weaving together your current world with the best life you are searching for. I believe both love and joy are abundant and renewable resources. Live and Love everyday with joy and intention. Now, let's get to work and set you on an adventure of a lifetime :)
Jade Young Jade Young has been in the industry of service for 15 years now. She has worked as a hairstylist opening up 3 salons and training some of Charleston’s top stylists. She has always had the gift of connecting quickly with others and being able to read their energy. Tending to clients daily, she has perfected the ability to build a quick rapport with clients and lasting friendships. While living abroad in Costa Rica for a year allowed her to connect with people from all around the world. She enjoys listening to clients and being able to advise them on their life venture.
Jen Zuithoff Love and human connection is a universal need/longing no matter your place in life. Jen Zuithoff has a passion to help others create romantic relationships that provide the love & support needed to enhance a person's life. She has a professional career that spans from public relations to marketing to sales to networking and client relations. She is also pursuing a graduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Human Relations Management. This experience, combined with her natural talent to connect and relate to persons of all backgrounds, makes her an excellent choice to coach you on your journey to find real love. She has a warm and attentive heart and feels it is a privilege to listen and help/encourage those around her to be their best! With Jen on your side, you are certain to be set up for success in your search to find YOUR person.
DeAudra Reed DeAudra Reed is a lover of all things love! She has a passion for romance and she loves to see people win! A counselor by nature and profession, she knows how to help you move past mental blocks to unleash your potential and greatness; and yes, even in your love life. Matters of the heart are at the core of her being and she is ready to use all she has to get you to where you want to be. As she commits to use her expertise to find the right match for you, she is guided by her belief that everyone deserves to experience the very best love has to offer.
Kim Handy Kim Handy is intuitive, approachable, and always seeks understanding with an authentic passion for relationships. A reflective listener and problem solver, she has a unique awareness of the peaks and valleys concerning matters of the heart. She is dedicated and unwavering in helping others navigate their relationships with rhythm and assurance. While initiating communication between you and your potential partner, she is wholeheartedly invested in the process of facilitating meaningful and purposeful relationships. She plants the seed, you water the garden.
Lydia Grider Lydia Grider is a passionate and realistic romantic with a strong intuition set in a firm foundation of reason. Originally a teacher, she has a long history of knowing what others need before they do and a track record to prove it. You'll find Lydia to be an open-minded sweetheart, ready to hear all about your struggles, desires, and dreams up until to this point. She's then practical enough to turn those conversations into logical standpoints and requirements for your perfect match. Lastly, Lydia uses her romantic creativity to create the perfect meet-cute for you and your soon to be special-someone.
Anthony Newberry Anthony Newberry makes love his passion. As a matchmaker that passion is shown through a rigorous dedication to lay out a rose covered path to unconditional love. While his technical background is in the field of Biology and laboratory work, where he really shines is in team building. A tenant of success in this field is understanding that no two people are alike, and each will see the same problem through their own lens. Anthony knows that love works the same way; everyone is different and loves in their own individual way. Anthony will embrace your own style of love and find your perfect match!
Jessica Hill Jessica is a life-coach astrologer extraordinaire. She has the gift of a genuine heart and the brilliance to meet everyone where they are. Client reviews share her ability to nurture and listen while giving productive tools that can be applied immediately. Jessica’s “why” is to always serve each client with compassion and to bless them to the fullest, leaving them feeling enriched and excited for life!
Madalyne Gonzalez Madalyne Gonzalez is a hopeless romantic and easy-to-talk-to woman! She has great instincts that point her in the path of the red string of fate. She is an extremely creative individual who's well versed in the effects and reasoning of the human mind, her clients find her to be charismatic and friendly—traits that serve her (and her clients) well in finding the perfect match. Though it doesn't stop at her communication skills, she is highly motivated and doesn't stop until a job well done! A trustworthy person, you can count on her to help in any way possible in your journey to find true love.
Dara Rahill Dara likes to dream big, especially when it comes to love. With advanced degrees in psychology, Dara is interested in each client's unique life experiences and desires. In her spare time, Dara is part of a house-flipping team where she helps to rehab homes. Dara aims to renovate your dating life by turning it from drab to fab!
Tanya Zion Tanya Zion was country raised and city refined. Born with an innate curiosity to discover what drives people to the choices they make, she is an authentic and intentional individual with a reputation of being able to think on her feet and has an ability to find and articulate the best in others. She is on a quest for authentic connections for herself, and more importantly, her clients. She wants to highlight the best in you, so you can highlight the best in others. Opening the line of communication between you and your partner-to-be, she is committed to empowering others and her passion is fostering authentic relationships. You show up as you, she will share your story.
Sarah Pena Sarah is a social butterfly who lives to connect with others during this crazy thing called life. She leads with her head, but always follows her heart. Sarah believes that everything happens for a reason, and every person we meet was put in our path for a reason. Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, every relationship leads to personal growth. She is exuberantly excited to help others meet and connect, and will be your biggest advocate in the process. Sarah has been married for over 10 years, so she knows the joys and struggles of being in a relationship. With that insight, she can help guide, nurture, and provide authentic, transparent relationship advice with sage wisdom. While she has worn many hats in her professional and personal careers, the one she is most proud of is friend. Above all else, Sarah will be there for you every step of the way. So let's make today the day you meet your forever date.
Michael A McGhaney Michael McGhaney is known to be a magical unicorn. He brings joy and magic to everyone he meets and it is important to him to spread love. This eclectic young man has many hats. Working in the hotel industry as a mixologist, he ensures all his patrons not only have a tailored cocktail, but also a tailored experience. Working as a personal assistant, and even appearing on The Real Housewives of New York, he has a way of bringing finesse to everything he does. Of his many talents, he thoroughly enjoys singing and dancing. His favorite job of all time is being a foster parent. Michael stands by the motto “Life is Now” and stands for a world filled with compassion and love.
Derrick Jennings Derrick Jennings is a natural people-lover with an analytical mind. A forthright and compassionate individual who believes love is something you nurture like a gardener may tend his garden. His approach can be compared to a permaculturalist: he works, in acceptance, with what he is given to create mutually beneficial relationships. Introducing two people who will appreciate each other is something he takes great pride in. He brings you to the garden, all you have to do is tend it.

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