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The original "digital matchmaking" company, Tawkify began harnessing technology to streamline and scale the age-old practice of matchmaking in 2012. Tawkify leverages the power of the Internet, along with advanced database and search technology, to help their "traditional" matchmakers find, screen and match eligible singles for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Tawkify offers a private, full service option that is the perfect marriage between the personal touch of a private matchmaker and the unlimited reach of online dating. The company works with select clients who enjoy one-on-one attention from personal matchmakers, guaranteed matches and proactive, individualized match recruiting. Each introduction takes place via a creative date experience orchestrated and booked by the Tawkify team.

With matchmaking options from $449 per month, Tawkify is a desirable alternative to higher-cost, old-school matchmakers who routinely rely on their own limited networks, provide limited services and generally refuse to guarantee matches despite charging $15k - $100k or more. Tawkify also offers a low-cost membership option to join its "Romance Rolodex" for potential matching with Tawkify clients. It’s a great option for singles burnt out on the time-consuming churn of dating sites and apps and would prefer a more private, secure and human-centric approach.

Tawkify was founded by Elle Magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll and Stanford Start-X alumni, Kenneth Shaw. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with full-service matchmaking available in major US cities across the country.

Link to article How Tech-Savvy Matchmakers Built a National Database of Over 200,000 Singles August 2, 2018
The simple and efficient matchmaking services offered by Tawkify appeals to time-conscious daters who want to maximize their time in the modern dating scene.
Link to article This is the Best Dating Service for Busy Professionals June 25, 2018
Tawkify has seen exponential growth over the past few years, and we’ve taken notice. I recently had the chance to sit down with Tawkify Certified Matchmaker and VP of Marketing, Michele Presley, to find out what sets this matchmaking service apart
Link to article Tinder Is Destroying Your Love Life. These Matchmakers Can Help. April 16, 2018
Tawkify matchmaker Remy Boyd says that when it comes down to it, dating is a numbers game — but Tinder isn’t helping users win at it.
Link to article The latest relationship trend is 'slow dating' — and it's a recoil from years of swiping through apps March 23, 2018
Lakritz spoke to E. Jean Carroll, cofounder of Tawkify, a network of "dating concierges," and Carroll told her that the service works at least partly because it "limits your choices." Carroll also said you have double the odds of meeting someone through a matchmaker than through online dating.
Link to article How To Stay Positive While Dating, According To Matchmakers March 20, 2018
Professional Matchmaker at Tawkify, Sophy Singer tells Bustle, "Shut down those endless texting sagas that lead nowhere. Create rules and stick to them."
Link to article Matchmakers Reveal the Secrets of the Most Romantic Restaurants February 8, 2018
We asked five matchmakers from Tawkify, a company that offers full-service matchmaking in major U.S. cities, about the secrets of romantic restaurants. Here’s what they look for when planning dinner dates for their clients.
Link to article Meet Your Match: Beauty and Dating from Tawkify Pro Lauren Urasek February 6, 2018
Dating is no walk in the park! What do you wear? What shade of lipstick reads classy and what says sassy? ABLE Cosmetics sits down with Tawkify Matchmaker, Lauren Urasek, to discuss.
Link to article 9 Signs Someone Sees You As Something Special January 25, 2018
You may have heard before that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. According to Alyssa Bunn, Professional Matchmaker at Tawkify, that rings true for first dates and with people you're attracted to after meeting for the first time.
Link to article Lust For Like — How social media and online dating apps are shaping our relationships January 19, 2018
At Tawkify, matchmakers screen and handpick each possible candidate, arrange dates, and collect and provide feedback to help refine the process and recalibrate for the next match.
Link to article Stop Going On First Dates November 17, 2017
Research conducted by E. Jean Carroll, love guru of Elle magazine and cofounder of the matchmaking company Tawkify (disclosure: I am a matchmaker there), reveals that the two optimal times for first dates (that lead to second dates) are Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
Link to article Pro Matchmakers Share Their Best Advice for Dating App Rookies October 17, 2017
Learning how to navigate all the dating apps available to get what you want out of the experience might feel daunting, but Tawkify matchmakers Sophy Singer and Tania Abramova have some advice to help you get started.
Link to article 9 dating mistakes you're probably making September 15, 2017
INSIDER spoke to "modern matchmakers" — who help people navigate the dating world and find love for a living — about the mistakes they see people making in their quest for romance.
Link to article An old-school alternative to Tinder is making a big comeback — step inside the world of modern matchmaking September 7, 2017
"Tawkify limits your choices," Carroll says. "That's it. We cut out the thousands of available people and bring it down to jam size. That's why we're so successful. You have twice the odds of meeting someone with a matchmaker than other online dating. Twice. That's what's happening now."
Link to article 9 Date Nights That Are Actually Surprisingly Sexy August 9, 2017
When you think of a typical date night, most people envision dinner and drinks. Those dates can be fun, but they tend to get repetitive, and not all date nights have to involve a fancy restaurant or a glass of wine. Yoga sounds daunting to many people, but it can be a new way to connect. "There is nothing sexier than seeing your potential lover or spouse stretching and sweating their anxieties away," says Remy Boyd, professional matchmaker at Tawkify.
Link to article 20 Signs He's Going to Ghost You August 4, 2017
Without a doubt, it's the single most maddening part of dating in a world where endless romantic options exist right at your fingertips: the ubiquitous practice of ghosting. "One of the top signs that you might be a victim of future ghosting is lack of personal information given during the time of the date or dates," says Melissa Rogers, a professional matchmaker at Tawkify.
Link to article The matchmakers helping New Yorkers find love right now August 1, 2017
Being single in New York can be exhausting. At some point, we’ve all wondered if we might just be undateable. So it’s hardly surprising that Gothamites are outsourcing their love lives to professionals. If dating apps aren’t your thing, then you might want to consider a professional matchmaker.
Link to article <em>Heart Beats</em>: What Am I Doing Wrong? Matchmakers Reveal Top Five Tips for Dating Success July 31, 2017
Remy Boyd is a Tawkify matchmaker who has noticed one pattern time and time again: Those who have trouble finding love in the present have trouble letting go of their dating pasts.
Link to article These Techniques Make Talking To Your Crush Easy July 14, 2017
Julia Armet, Director of Matchmaking at Tawkify, and dating coach Stef Safran of Stef And The City, share techniques that make talking to your crush easier when you feel awkward.
Link to article You, <em>Yes, You</em> ... Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life Now June 30, 2017
We've assembled five love experts—professional matchmakers from the nationally acclaimed matchmaking service, Tawkify—and asked them give their best pieces of advice so we can open the doors to a new dating life.
Link to article Relationship Experts Reveal The Best Pick Up Lines For Women To Use On Guys IRL June 20, 2017
Julia Armet, director of operations at, a matchmaking company, shares her favorite pickup line a woman can use IRL...
Link to article Physical Signs You're in Love June 15, 2017
I asked Alyssa Bunn, professional matchmaker at Tawkify and creator of Love + Co, about the physical things that happen when you start falling in love with someone, broken down into stages from when you first start dating all the way to being in love.
Link to article Amazon Launches Self-Service Marketplace for Subscription Providers April 25, 2017
Subscription providers of all sizes are selling on the Amazon marketplace, including SlingTV, Disney Story Central, Dropbox, Texture, eMeals, Fitstar by Fitbit, Creativebug, Headspace, LegalZoom, MileIQ, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The New Yorker, Consumer Reports and Tawkify, to name a few.
Link to article 30 Little Things You Can Do Each Day To Meet Someone IRL This April March 30, 2017
Bustle is deeming April, "App-less April" and encouraging our staff and readers to delete their dating apps for 30 days and meet people the old-fashioned way: offline. With participants tracking their progress and tricks and tips from dating experts, we'll be helping you feel empowered to meet people IRL all month long.
Link to article Matchmakers Found the Best (and Worst) Times for a First Date March 2, 2017
If you've ever wondered when, exactly, you should arrange first dates, the matchmakers at Tawkify have some thoughts — and maybe their data can explain why you're not getting a second date.
Link to article After widowhood: Matchmaker helps me learn to date again February 10, 2017
So what did I get out of Tawkify? I got to safely stretch my legs, work on my own habits like my nervous over-talking, and remember what dating is supposed to be — sitting across from a new person, getting to know them and getting out of your own head enough to make a connection.
Link to article 6 Things Top Matchmakers Want Single People to Know February 6, 2017
There's swiping and liking, speed-dating, exclusive parties and clubs, and an app for every type of single. Yet with so many options, why do we still complain that dating is more challenging, competitive, and romantically ADD than ever?

For a little optimistic guidance in preparation for Valentine's Day, we turned to eight well-known matchmakers from across the country to help us with the most basic question: What's your top advice for singles struggling to find love?
Link to article It's not the app, it's you April 19, 2016
Instead of using tech to make the matches, a la Tinder, Hinge, etc., it just helps Tawkify's team of matchmakers "narrow down the options and reach out beyond our own database to find the best candidates wherever they are...because we've found that intuitive, empathetic humans just are — and probably always will be — better at doing that for other humans than the cleverest of machines."
Link to article Modern Matchmaking — Tawkify Makes Dating Effortless With No Profiles & Personalized Planned Dates March 14, 2016
Tawkify has shifted the focus back on the simple core of dating — to get to know and enjoy another person. By eliminating the time-consuming and monotonous online dating requirements, like setting up profiles, taking selfies, and sorting through "matches," Tawkify matchmakers make dating fun again.
Link to article Turning passion into a job March 8, 2016
New clients to the the company are also purposefully paired with matchmakers with similar personality types. "There's multiple levels of matchmaking happening, so I often get paired with creative types, intellectuals and more liberal people," Yanni said.
Link to article 7 Signs You've Found 'The One' October 2, 2015
Every relationship is going to have its arguments and disagreements — it's unrealistic to think otherwise. It is, however, a reasonable expectation to be able to come away from a fight with all sides heard and respected. Tawkify matchmaker Alene Boon says you should ask yourself, "Do you fight well? Do you fight fairly? And can you put it back together honestly?"
Link to article What, Exactly, do Entrepreneurs Look for in a Date? February 14, 2015
It can be difficult to get out into the dating scene tough, especially if you’re an entrepreneur; the very nature of entrepreneurship means that setting aside time for dating is often difficult. However, there’s an online matchmaking service out there, Tawkify.
Link to article Singles Tired of Swiping Paying $600/mo for a 'Dating Concierge' February 4, 2015
E. Jean’s vision, however, was of an online dating site that got people offline ASAP — no algorithms involved.
Link to article A 72-year-old advice columnist launched a matchmaking service out of Stanford's startup accelerator February 4, 2015
"Human language is incredibly limiting," cofounder E. Jean Carroll said to Business Insider. "People are not always completely honest when describing themselves online. Algorithms don't work. A computer can't match people."
Link to article How to Find Love, the Matchmaker Way December 5, 2014
By making things just fun. E. Jean Carroll, co-founder, says, "People are starved to death on Tinder — getting dick picks and never going on dates!"
Link to article Online Dating: A Less Stupid Cupid? November 22, 2014
There’s Tawkify, co-founded by Elle sex columnist E. Jean Carroll, which has gone back to the ancient practice of using human matchmakers.
Link to article What's a nice girl like you doing in a job like this? November 4, 2014
Cooper flourished as a sharp matcher and devoted listener, calming even the most difficult of clients and leading seemingly-clashing couples to grand romance.
Link to article Meet Playboy’s new lady advice columnist September 20, 2014
Cooper comes to Playboy from Tawkify, a matchmaking service helmed by the legendary Carroll, voice of the longest-running magazine advice column in ELLE...
Link to article StartX's first Demo Day in new home: From spray-on caffeine to iPhone stethoscopes September 17, 2014
"We meet everybody for coffee before we introduce them to anybody for a date," he said. Tawkify charges for that human curation, too, with a $500 entry fee that positions it between traditional matchmakers.
Link to article Just the Tips: Meet Playboy's New Advice Columnist September 11, 2014
"A lot of what clients are paying us for is to navigate some of the very uncomfortable waters of dating," Katherine explains.
Link to article My Blind Date at Tiffany’s September 11, 2014
But E. Jean is selling this Tiffany's idea. She has given it an impressive title: "The Most Dangerous Date in New York." It writes its own headline, she seems to indicate. Do I dare to shop dangerously at Tiffany's with a man I've never met?
Link to article How to Be Really Good at Dating, According to Professional Matchmakers September 8, 2014
"Make time for dating (if you really want to) if you're unhappy with the way your dating life looks currently, then make it a priority," Orenstein says.
Link to article Meet A Professional Matchmaker Who Helps You Find The One August 26, 2014
Carrie Parker is a professional matchmaker for Tawkify, spending her days planning dream dates and helping her clients to navigate the singles world.
Link to article Tawkify: Matchmaking gets modern - Matchmakers from dating concierge service Tawkify tell us how it works and why it's a unique solution in the modern age August 3, 2014
One of the toughest parts of the job is convincing people that it's not natural to meet people based on pictures and profiles. We've become used to a process that we all admit is toxic.
Link to article TECH NOW: Look for love online with new apps February 14, 2014
Dating is definitely complicated and not everyone has the time to fill out all of those online profiles. If you wish someone else would do all the hard work for you, Tawkify may be your ideal dating companion.
Link to article Bay Area matchmakers find business blooms as tech booms February 12, 2014
For the consumer, the process is simple enough. Sign up, go through an extensive in-person interview and your matchmaker will find potential mates.
Link to article Partners over profiles -- optimizing your dating experience: Carrie Parker at TEDxRVAWomen February 5, 2014
Carrie specializes in matchmaking and date coaching. She is the Mid-Atlantic Courtship Concierge for Tawkify, a boutique matchmaking start-up.
Link to article Don't wait for a man! The new rules of dating August 28, 2013
Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll and Matthew Hussey, author of "Get the Guy," discuss whether women should pursue men, if dinner is appropriate for a first date, and the most controversial advice of all – no texting!
Link to article Dating Online With Help From An Old-Fashioned (And Famous) Matchmaker August 12, 2013
The matchmaker steps in and takes control. She looks in your soul and sees things that you don't even know are in there.
Link to article Sunny's Matchmaker March 12, 2013
We're playing matchmaker for our pal Sunny Anderson follow along as she tries new ways to meet her man!
Link to article The Best Dating Site You've Never Heard of Is Too Smart for Its Own Good June 29, 2012
But you haven't heard of Tawkify. It's amazing. It also tried to get me to hook up with a coworker.
Link to article Dating Site Finds You a Mate Based on Your Klout Score April 16, 2012
Tawkify co-creator E. Jean Carroll, a long-time advice columnist for Elle magazine and former Saturday Night Live writer, believes a person's influence on the web is just as important as a profile photo.
Link to article No Scrolling Required at New Dating Sites April 13, 2012
Tawkify has matched people with some impressive status, like the lingerie designer and burlesque connoisseur Dita Von Teese (the ex-wife of Marilyn Manson).
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